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“La Vita Italiana
Vacationing in Italy? Fabulous Choice!
Explore her unique personality!
Taste her seductive pleasures.
Share her intimate thrills…the passion that is Italy!

You will never experience this kind of rewarding fun riding on a sterile tour bus all day. Renting a car in Italy is an option you should not pass up.

A rental car allows for touring from Palermo to Tuscany and makes for a great care free holiday. Tour coaches can be great for a specific outing but they can be exhausting and disappointing if over used on a vacation, especially if Vita La Italiana is what you came to Italy for! A fun car hire is the only way to truly achieve this.

Driving A Rental Car In Rome Is Not For The Faint of Heart

Rome, on the other hand, is probably not for the faint of heart or inexperienced. It is as if all Rome drivers in this ancient city go crazy when they get behind the wheel. Traffic rules help make the traffic work for sure, but more often than not they are merely a suggestion! There are many other ways to get around this city—take the advice of the locals and use them!I have met and become good friends with people who don’t speak my language and I didn’t speak theirs. However, in commerce or with officials, as in the case where police get involved, you will need to access a competent individual with the bilingual skills you need. Keeping these suggestions in mind will insure your trip to Italy is a great experience.
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May We Suggest The Basics of Italian

Here are a couple of important “To Do’s” before you leave on your vacation. Find out how to quickly access a group of interpreters immediately should the need arise. Also, memorize what I call savvy lingo words and terms in your new language which can make your Italy experience more enjoyable.

What is that?

Where is the the ‘loo’ or bathroom?

How much money?

How many?

When is the next bus?


Thank you

Have a nice day!

I need a drink of water.

I need medical help!

Call the police.

What is the price?

How do you say…..?

All the sights in Italy will be at your whim with the convenience of a car rental accommodation.  Your trip will become more than a simple vacation, it will be a true once in a lifetime experience if you plan your trip in advance and “live wild” while seeing the magnificent sites of Italy!

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